Pushing the boundaries of what beer can be, ON is a paradox: 

Zero-alcohol, with a curated blend of powerful botanicals, in bio-active quantities, for a discernible mood-boosting effect.

Stage 1:


Forget fancy labs and sci-fi pills, people used to rely on the good stuff nature offered. For centuries, folks experimented and figured out the power of plants (think OG herbal remedies, way before the whole pharmacy thing).

At ON Beer, we respect the past but we're also all about exploring the future. That's why our "Alchemista" (aka our super cool drink creator) mixed up a special blend of powerful plants. It's a nod to the old ways, but also a peek at what's possible next. Basically, we're bringing back the good vibes of nature with a modern twist.

stage 2:


At the heart of ON Beer lies the X blend, a mix of carefully chosen plants. Each plant went through a serious selection process before joining the crew. We tested different combos, proportions, and even how we extract the good stuff from them to make sure it works its best in your body and delivers the desired effect.

The X blend isn't just about flavour, it's like a curated experience that lifts your mood and makes you feel good.

stage 3:


At ON Beer, we handpick every grain and hop to work perfectly with the X blend.

This base brew is like a blank canvas, letting the X blend's unique flavours and effects shine through.

We use cutting edge brewing techniques for a real good beer, but without the alcohol.

stage 4:


The X blend gets added to the beer at just the right time and in the right way. It's not just there to taste good, it actually makes the whole brew better.

This careful process ensures that the powerful ingredients from the X blend don't just keep the beer feeling like a beer, they actually make it even more awesome.

The end result? A drink that's way beyond the ordinary.

stage 5:


"ON" isn't just a fancy name, it's about the uplifting energy and active lifestyle the beer fuels.

It's a call to ditch the boring stuff and chase your best life.

Think of it like flipping a switch on your life, ON Beer helps you see things differently and experience life to the fullest.